The 3 Pillars Of Effective Employee Engagement With WWF

World Wildlife Fund is the world’s leading conservation organization. They work in almost 100 countries with nearly 5 million supporters globally and have a robust employee engagement program called Together@Work.

In today's episode, EFG's Alli Murphy is joined by Cheron Carlson, World Wildlife Fund's Manager for Employee Engagement to talk about the three pillars of effective employee engagement programs and what they're doing around Earth Month.

And while April is Earth Month, WWF collaborates with its partners year-round to develop and deliver innovative solutions that protect communities, wildlife and the places in which they live. World Wildlife Fund leverages this moment in time while simultaneously encouraging year-round participation from employees and consumers.

In today's episode we'll explore:

  • The 3 pillars of effective employee engagement programs and examples of those pillars in action
  • How WWF work with its corporate partners to achieve behavior change for millions of employees
  • 4 Tips for nonprofits looking to bolster their employee engagement offerings
  • 7 Tips for companies on running successful employee engagement programs
  • The importance of getting an internal comms person onboard
  • What's on the horizon for the WWF team

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