182 BPM - Swing for the Fence (Jumpstart Mix)

Fast, uplifting, fun, fast, motivating, epic. Did I mention fast?

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01. Se7en Cycles - Elysian (Extended Mix)
02. Rockka - Cyber Security (Evegrem Remix)
03. AudioStorm - Shield
04. AudioStorm - Valley of Hope
05. Ruh (SE) - Across the River (Ignacio Corazza & Diego R Remix)
06. Anton%F - Rabbit Hole (Ataman Live Remix)
07. Mr. Chuck, My Format - Mystic Vibe
08. Subduxtion - Dust
09. Verazio - Squid Ink
10. Bloodfury - Obelix (Extended Mix)
11. Maxxim, Adam Golts - Global (Extended Mix)
12. Neonica - Your Light (TP One Remix)
13. Muto'S & Lightning vs. Waveband - Invert
14. Semper T. - Afflatus (Extended Mix)
15. Nils Karr - Too Short to be Little
16. Lepo - Just Joy

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