201: Parasite “Cleansing,” Food Combining & Alkaline Diets with Natosha Ash

Today on the Funk’tional Nutrition Podcast, Erin sits down with Naturopathic medical student and TikTok aficionado Natosha Ash to separate fact from fiction with the latest fad diets trending on social media. Speaking from both personal experience, through research and in working clinically with real people, Erin and Natosha clear up the confusion surrounding parasite cleansing, food combining and alkaline diets. On top of bringing evidence-based research to the table, they also touch on bigger picture topics like orthorexia, body resiliency and mindfulness surrounding health information sources.

If you’ve ever wondered about the validity of trending diets on social media or have gut issues and considered one of these diets, this will be a great one to hear!

Natosha Ash is a Naturopathic medical student, also studying nutrigenetics & nutrigenomics. She has a passion for sustainable health and wellness practices. Natosha believes that you shouldn’t have to go to medical school to understand the basics of the body which is partly why she created her IG health page. Natosha is also a genetics and biochemistry junkie. She previously earned her BA in pre-Law and is currently working to merge her passions of health and law together.

In this episode:

-Why people gravitate to how Natosha puts out information [4:32]

-Parasites and “rope worms” [9:52]

-What is mucoid plaque? [14:00]

-The problem with obsessing over cleanses and cleanliness [17:52]

-Food combining: what it is and what you need to know [21:16]

-GI confusion: is it gut dysbiosis or are you improperly combining foods? [27:15]

-Stress and resistance with food rules [34:16]

-The popularity of the alkaline diet [36:30]

-The false premise behind acidic foods [38:24]

-Potential Renal Acid Load and why this is important [41:08]

-Fads, experiments and the resiliency of our bodies [43:11]

-Being mindful of where you find health information [45:30]

-How distrust in the system affects beliefs [48:24]

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