A Special 200th Episode: How it Started, How it's Going & Answering Other Listener Questions

Today on the show Erin celebrates some big podcast milestones: 200 episodes and 2 million downloads!! Tune in to reminisce with Erin and hear answers to a smorgasbord of listener questions ranging from career pivots (is it ever too late? How about with a baby?) to whether coffee enemas are actually beneficial (and how to do one properly!) She also covers questions about molecular mimicry with gluten and thyroid, detoxing mycotoxins, what you should know about binders and serves up thought provoking questions to ask yourself when healing feels like a struggle.

We’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to you all–our listeners–for tuning in and sharing this podcast over the last 4.5 years. It’s your continued support that gives Erin the motivation and inspiration to show up week after week. Here’s to another 4 years, 200 more episodes, and 2 million more downloads!

In this episode:

-The different reasons people come to the podcast [5:36]

-How it started, how it’s going [7:22]

-Reciprocity and changing the culture around expectations and entitlement [12:46]

-Alignment with brands [18:23]

-Is it ever too late to make a career pivot? [20:03]

-Showing up despite feelings of failure and lack of validity [23:12]

-The immunology and molecular mimicry of thyroid and gluten [30:41]

-Antigenicity and cross reactivity [35:48]

-Where to begin when detoxing mycotoxins [41:47]

-What are binders and what you should know about them for mold exposure [44:19]

-Are coffee enemas actually beneficial? [48:49]

-Questions to ask yourself when healing feels hard [53:33]

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