198: Protocols, Elimination Diets & the Pursuit of Wellness with Jessica Flanigan

A functional approach to healing is a root cause approach. It attempts to unearth, understand and resolve unique root causes of any imbalances going on within the body. Where it can get a bad rap is when it becomes too cookie cutter, relying too heavily on protocols, elimination diets and supplements.

Today’s conversation is with clinical nutritionist Jessica Flanigan and taps into this growing trend in the wellness world. Erin and Jessica discuss problems seen in our modern culture of healing, how to find a skilled clinician, authority and power versus experience, how restriction can affect oral tolerance and the power that belief work and spirituality have on our healing.

While this interview originally aired in 2018, Jessica showcases why, even today, she’s always been lightyears ahead of the functional medicine space by offering ways practitioners can approach going deeper with clients to find the root cause of their issues… and ways we can go deeper with ourselves. If you’re struggling to get to the root of your health issues, feeling exhausted by the pursuit of wellness, or are wondering if the health answers you seek fall outside the echo chamber, this conversation is definitely one to hear.

Jessica Flanigan is an authority on the autoimmune, paleo movement & well beyond. For 25 years she has been a clinical nutritionist and worked extensively in private practice with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and body workers. She’s the author of The Loving Diet, which she created to help clients have a more comprehensive plan for healing. Using Loving as a way to better health, The Loving Diet is a revolutionary approach to healing. Original air date: November 7, 2018

In this episode:

-What is a functional medicine approach? [4:39]

-Looking past the echo chamber both in health and in your life [9:41]

-Pursuing health and wellness from a place of lack versus abundance [20:59]

-The #1 question to ask yourself before attempting any diet [27:04]

-Personalized medicine and judgements in the wellness world [29:04]

-How to find a skilled provider and the importance of clinical experience [32:56]

-Tribalism and modern authorities in health movements [36:22]

-The lie you’ve been told about food sensitivities [39:05]

-Oral tolerance - what it is and why it matters [41:30]

-How restriction can lead to inflammation, gut problems and autoimmunity [43:20]

-Plant-restrictive diets: yay or nay? [49:45]

-What to do when we feel stuck [52:02]

-Our unconscious belief systems [54:22]

-Hot seat coaching [1:03:48]

-A different orientation to trauma and safety [1:07:57]

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