Double Date: The Perfect Murder S.1 Ep.6 -Frozen Killer

The name of this series from ID Network is THE PERFECT MURDER. But can there really be an undetectable crime when a fart-joking, narcissistic, possible part time magician/DJ is involved? Sadly, cable knit sweater-ed charisma seems to cover a lot of sins. And in this episode, James Keown (aka DJ AntiFreeze) hides a world of lies behind those green bow ties and smiling eyes. Luckily, Kimberly and Katie are coming at 'ya on the ones and twos in this extra special Double Date time slot for all your crime, comedy and off key singing needs! With weather and traffic together on the threes! Be sure to keep your dial set to ADWD Cincinnati so you don't miss one second of A Double Date with Dateline's Special Report: MOST LIKELY TO MISLEAD. DISCOVERYPlus App from ID Network: Series: THE PERFECT MURDER Season 1 Episode 6: Frozen Killer Official Description from DISCOVERYPlus: A 31-year-old woman named Julie Keown dies of antifreeze poisoning in Waltham, Massachusetts. Detectives rule out suicide and accidental ingestion. Then, after untangling a web of lies, they turn to her husband, James, a popular radio host. Take a moment to check out these amazing offers from our fantastic sponsors! Design like a pro with Canva Pro! Get a free 45 day extended trial when you use our promo code! GO to to get your free 45 day extended trial! For 20% off an EverlyWell at-home lab test, go to! Everly-one deserves to be Everlywell! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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