Reppin 5.8: Yvonne Chapman Returns 2

Yvonne Chapman gives a pitch perfect performance as the sophisticated, lethal and complicated assassin Zhilan on CW’s hit Kung Fu. Yvonne hits every beat whether it be during intricate fight sequences nailing the choreography with very step and strike or quietly grounding more tender, heartbreaking scenes that make her character nuanced, redeemable and has audiences rooting for her character.

We got to meet this talented actress on her first appearance Reppin 4.4: Yvonne Chapman where we learned about her personal background, also her first career in Corporate Finance, the sexism she had to face, to the fear and expectations she had to overcome before her leap into entertainment to the importance of community. We went deep and learned about this remarkable talent. We continue our conversation here, she shares even more important insights and lessons learned. And you will learn even more about who she is and what makes up her integrity and character.

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