Flashback: Want Faster Results - Train the Extremes with Andrew Triana

With Rebel Performance Radio having produced well over 100 episodes along with a backlog of truly extraordinary guests, it's about that time to throw it back to an episode with one of my favorite humans on the planet, Andrew Triana, the co-founder of The Performance Vibe and Allostatic Labs. Whether you're new here and missed this episode, or perhaps you've been listening in with us for some time now and could use a refresh, this is a phenomenal episode, and I guarantee this flashback will not disappoint. We kick things off getting into Andrew’s background and talk about how he found the sport of Strongman and why he fell in love with it. A strong theme throughout the episode is this notion of extremes bringing balance, and our conversation definitely speaks to that. One second we’ll be jamming on detailed cell physiology, and then the next we get into phenomenology and the importance of subjective experience. Topics covered include Strongman, creatine, hypoxia, phenomenology, being authentically productive, hypertrophy, protein pathways, and all sorts of other goodies. If you’re an athlete or coach looking to up your game, then this episode is definitely for you. There's no chance you don't walk away with at least one way to upgrade your tactics, models, and thought processes. What You'll Learn in this Episode: [03:00] How Andy found Strongman [15:30] Why Andy started Allostatic Labs [19:00] Thinking about Creatine based adaptations [22:30] Phenomenology [26:30] The importance of subjective questionnaires  [30:00] Using extremes to bring balance [31:00] Hypoxia [38:30] Hypertrophy pillars and protocols [45:00] Metabolic stress vs. mechanical tension [58:00] Things we can learn from Strongman that will help improve our athletes [01:02:30] What are some of the biggest shifts in Andy’s thought processes over the past 1-2 years Links: Explore The Performance Vibe here: https://www.theperformancevibe.com/ (https://www.theperformancevibe.com/) Explore Allostatic Labs here: https://www.allostaticlabs.com/ (https://www.allostaticlabs.com/) Explore our free training samples here: https://www.rebel-performance.com/training-templates/ (https://www.rebel-performance.com/training-templates/) Follow Andrew Triana here: https://www.instagram.com/theandyvibe/ (https://www.instagram.com/theandyvibe/) Follow James Cerbie here: https://www.instagram.com/jamescerbie/ (https://www.instagram.com/jamescerbie/) Follow Rebel here: https://www.instagram.com/therebelperformance/ (https://www.instagram.com/therebelperformance/) Join our Rebel FB group here: https://bit.ly/3KfGk6A (https://bit.ly/3KfGk6A) Want to learn more about the Rebel Performance Training Team? Click here to chat with our team: http://m.me/rebelperf (http://m.me/rebelperf) PLUS: Whenever you're ready... here are 3 ways we can help you unlock total package strength, physique, and athleticism (without being in pain or getting beaten down by injuries). 1. Listen to the podcast.  We release a new episode every Sunday evening where we break down what to do in and outside the gym to help you become the total package (and perform pain-free) - http://radio.rebel-performance.com/listen (Click here to listen.) 2. Buy a pre-made program.  Looking for an expertly crafted training program minus the coaching and camaraderie? Then http://shop.rebel-performance.com/ (go )https://shop.rebel-performance.com/ (here). 3. Claim your 6-week trial. Want to work directly with me and my team to find your peak performance, train pain-free, and become a total package athlete in 90 days? Then reply "trial" to this email and I'll send you all the details. Oh, and https://www.rebel-performance.com/reviews (here's a bunch of reviews) if you want to know what real humans think of working with us. 

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