Home Front: A Fragile Peace

A special edition of Home Front, Radio 4's epic drama series marking the centenaries of the First World War. It’s 10 November, 1919, a year and a day after the last episode, and Folkestone is preparing for the first Remembrance Day, and contemplating a new post-war world. Cast Florrie Wilson ..... Claire Rushbrook Albert Wilson ..... Jamie Foreman Kitty Lumley ..... Ami Metcalf Victor Lumley ..... Joel MacCormack Adam Wilson ..... Billy Kennedy Jessie Moore ..... Lucy Hutchinson Alice Macknade ..... Claire Louise Cordwell Esme Macknade ..... Katie Angelou Gabriel Graham ..... Michael Bertenshaw Isabel Summer ..... Keely Beresford Charles Summer ..... Rufus Wright Ralph Winwood ..... Nick Murchie Mrs Edkins ..... Rachel Davies Bill Macknade ..... Ben Crowe Norman Harris ..... Sean Baker Marion Wardle ..... Laura Elphinstone Edie Chadwick ..... Kathryn Beaumont Other roles ..... Bea White, Rex Wood, Jonah Collingwood Harrold, Isobel Barry, Olivia Wales, Emma Handy, John Lightbody, Sean Murray, Ryan Whittle and Lewis Bray Written by Katie Hims Directed by Jessica Dromgoole Producer: Ciaran Bermingham Assistant Producer: Hannah Ratcliffe Production Coordinator: Sarah Morrison Production Management Assistant: Leanne Allen Production Management Assistant: Graham Eveleigh Sound: Martha Littlehailes Composer: Matthew Strachan

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