#103 Fluids: 5 Pearls Segment

How much of D5W vs. isotonic saline contributes to intravascular volume? How do you distinguish between oncotic pressure and tonicity? What balanced solutions do you reach for? What is the data behind using colloids like albumin as an intravascular expander? How much do pRBCs stay in the plasma? 

Show notes, Transcript and References:  https://www.coreimpodcast.com/2022/04/27/fluids-colloids-5-pearls-segment/

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Time stamps:

  • 02:14 Intro
  • 04:26 Pearl 1
  • 11:08 Pearl 2
  • 20:43 Pearl 3
  • 31:06 Pearl 4
  • 35:06 Pearl 5

Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, fluids, hypertonic, volume, crystalloid, tonicity, blood, nephrology, hospital medicine

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