11: Madre del Miedo

In this season finale, Cade and Ravi have sixty seconds... and the crew has only minutes before saving themselves from certain death.  Thank goodness for fluid narrative time, amirite?This episode marks the end of Season 1!  We'll be on a break for a few months after this.TENDRIL: The Banshee Chronicles is written by Kaitlyn Radel and Ryan Borses.  TENDRIL is created by Kaitlyn Radel, Ryan Borses, Taylor Finneran, and Bryan Finneran.  The theme song is written by Bryan Finneran, and all additional music is written by Ryan Borses.   Ryan Borses as The Narrator and Durmis. Kaitlyn Radel as Switch. Eric Meo as Cade Floodry and 2B2. Diane Meo as Admiral Deulendrahbl Ta’ron Middleton as Kronist Loknu. Joelle Bird as Megula. Monique Borses as Llorona and Vex Longarmo. And Christian Ines as Ravi. TENDRIL is only possible through the enthusiastic support of our friends, family, and listeners. If you’re interested in helping to make this podcast a reality, please visit patreon.com/tendrilpodcast and check out our range of rewards. 

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