Episode 275 | Growth After Trauma And Chronic Illness With Melissa Zeligman, PhD

We have a new topic that we are highlighting on the show. We are discussing resilience and growth after trauma, also known as post-traumatic growth, which is a theory that explains the positive human transformation that can occur after any type of physical trauma, psychological or emotional trauma, spiritual trauma, or even after struggling with a prolonged illness.

Joining us to discuss trauma and post-traumatic growth is Dr. Melissa Zeligman. She is an Assistant Professor of Counseling Education at the University of Central Florida. Prior to her Doctorate, she served as a mental health counselor working in the agency, medical, legal, as well as high school settings.

Her research focuses on trauma work, including the experience of post-traumatic growth. Positive growth or post-traumatic growth is something that interests me, especially within the context of treating people with chronic pain or other chronic health conditions that we see in physical therapy or other physical medicine or rehabilitation settings.

You are going to learn a lot about this topic. Hopefully, you will embrace it as much as I have in both clinical practices and become very interested in the research. If you are interested in learning more about a trauma-informed approach to treating chronic pain, make sure to check out our course at the IntegrativePainScienceInstitute.com called Trauma-Informed Pain Care, where you will learn how to treat trauma from a trauma-informed perspective for people living with chronic pain. Without further ado, let’s begin and learn all about post-traumatic growth.

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