Part III

Who is the real Emily? Will they ever make it out of the bunker? Find out in the third and final installment of our story.    Liminal Apocalypse contains heavy emotional themes such as abandonment and grief as well as some adult language that may not be suited for all audiences.   *THIS EPISODES CONTAINS GUNSHOT SOUND EFFECTS AT 20:20*   Episode Transcripts can be found at our website:   Written, directed, edited, and designed by Vin Ernst.  Produced by Pacific Obadiah.  Original Music and Theme song by Thoreau Smiley.    Performed by: Miranda Ireland as Becca, Nick Ellingson as Johnson, Jace Rynearson as Ed, Ayiana Taylor as Sly, Camilla Susser as Diana,  Libby Hunder as Clarke And Vin Ernst as Emily. With additional voices by Pacific Obadiah.   A product of Midnight Disease Productions.   

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