Part I

The beginning of a story, or maybe just the end of the world.    Part II coming August 24th.   Liminal Apocalypse contains heavy emotional themes and some adult language that may not be suited for all audiences, as well as some loud sound effects throughout.    Episode Transcripts can be found at our website:   Written, directed, edited, and designed by Vin Ernst.  Produced by Pacific Obadiah.  Original Music and Theme song by Thoreau Smiley.    Performed by: Miranda Ireland as Becca, Nick Ellingson as Johnson, Jace Rynearson as Ed, Ayiana Taylor as Sly, Camilla Susser as Diana,  And Vin Ernst as Emily. Additional voices by Addison Peacock, Paul Sating, Chad Ellis, Victoria Green, Paul Davis, Tanja Milojevic, and Danielle Shemiah.   A product of Midnight Disease Productions.  

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