The Deep | Episode 1 | Deep Water Plymouth

In this new Actual Play TTRPG adventure, a team of scientists descend to the ocean's floor, to a deep sea lab near the Mariana Trench. They're tasked to run a new fiber line and re-establish communication with the prior team, but what they find there is something much more disturbing. The Deep Cast: GM: Tim Demeuse Colin (Tadgh) Ward, played by: Chris Riley Claire Wambles, played by: Kim Metzger Dr. Marisha Keen, played by: Aubree Gray Joel Lawrence, played by: Chris (Critically Accursed) Valhalla Perseus Nunez (Percy) played by: Eric S Patt Sid McMillan, played by: Samuel Sidney Clarke, played by: Robin Haught Wallace Wooten, played by: Brian Bridges ---------------------- Website:   Support us by making a pledge on Patreon Or you can donate money through Ko-Fi Check out our merch at! (Use the promo code LCP at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase.) Support us by buying Dice through our affiliate link with DnD Dice! Want to hang out and even play DaD with us? Join our Discord server! You can also follow us on Twitter: Instagram: And YouTube:

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