Xiaomi 12 Pro fails to stand apart, but that’s good?

There isn’t a wow factor about the Xiaomi 12 Pro, but that might actually be a good thing.

Gadgets 360 deputy reviews editor Roydon Cerejo and senior reviewer Sheldon Pinto join host Akhil Arora to discuss the new Xiaomi flagship smartphone.

The 12 Pro boasts similar hardware to phones in its range, and it doesn’t have anything to set itself apart. Xiaomi has polished the look and feel though, and the 12 Pro feels like a premium device.

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That said, it’s got the lot. A Dolby Vision display that can go down to 1Hz refresh rate, rear cameras with wider aperture than you normally see, quad speakers with Dolby Atmos, and 120W fast charging that’s in line what’s currently out there.

But in terms of features, the 12 Pro is missing an IP rating, which you can in fact get on more affordable phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy FE range and even Xiaomi’s own budget phones.

Hit play to hear us delve into each of those facets.

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  • Intro (00:00)
  • Pro is not Ultra (00:27)
  • The cameras (06:03)
  • The competition (12:02)
  • The missing (14:48)
  • Display and software (18:42)
  • Outro (22:51)

Photo credits: Sheldon Pinto/Gadgets 360

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