E26 | Crushed by Corona: Can You Imagine a World With No More Bundles?

Hold on to those weaves, y’all, a drought is a-comin'! China has been hit hard by the coronavirus, which means - among other things - that all exports of hair have ground to a halt. What’s a weave-wearer to do?!  Who will protect the protective styles? What would a world without bundles, wigs, tracks, and hair care products be like? We’re about to find out.  Also on tap: From the runway to regular life, black hair is STILL marginalized. Sereine highlights the struggles that models of color are still experiencing to this day. Many of them still have to do their own hair (and makeup), whereas “mainstream” models can just show up and be beautified. When will the beauty industry get to a place of true inclusivity? And when will designers start hiring stylists that can do ALL textures of hair? Plus: There’s a pandemic on, but beauty still matters! The girls discuss how they are maintaining their hair and beauty routines during the lockdown. Grab your Lysol, and let’s sip some tea and chat about it all. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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