Episode XVI: Verum Vitas

In the astounding finale to season 2, Armstrong readies herself to return to the real world, but her doubts about Dr. Chol continue to gnaw at her. Bat, Ves, and Eb have their own questionable moments with the Project's creator. They're finally getting out...but at what cost?

Project Nova

Episode XVI: Verum Vitas

Project Nova is an original Audio Drama created by Aaron Sarka and produced by Evil Kitten Productions. http://www.evilkittenproductions.com

Project Nova follows the lives of four subjects of a secret scientific project.  Who are they?  Why are they here?  What is Project Nova?

Project Nova is written and directed by Aaron Sarka


Sarah Sarka as Armstrong

T.J. Anderson as Vespucci

Jon Penick as Battuta

Rachel Craig as Eberhardt

Aaron Sarka as The Computer

With Special Guests Star:

Caitlin Rose Jackson as Doctor Alice Chol

The Project Nova theme is by Aaron Sarka. All  other music is composed by Kevin McLeod and can be found at incompetech.com    Kevin creates free-use music for people like us!

Special Thanks to Sarah Sarka, Will Snyder and Rachel Craig.

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Transcripts are available at https://projectnovapod.wixsite.com/nova

Project Nova contains strong language and scenes of death, violence, and enclosed spaces.

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