Quick Spin Ep. 1: Polestar 1 is a Dream Turned Reality

Here's something special: Autoweek's second podcast! Quick Spin takes you into the car and into the studio with Autoweek's finest to give you honest, insightful reviews with a twist. Make sure to head over to your Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast and subscribe. Don't forget to leave us a note and let us know what cars you want us to review, and what you want to know about those cars. On the first episode of Quick Spin, Wesley Wren talks with West Coast Editor Mark Vaughn about the first effort from Polestar. Aptly named Polestar 1, it oozes with style and shows that Polestar — the offshoot of Volvo — isn’t pulling any punches. Vaughn puts the Polestar 1 through its paces in the canyons of California.

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