The Wonderful World of Mehmut Oz

Well troops, it was quite a busy news week, but the gang is here to break it all down.

Join Val Demings, Bernie Sanders, Trudy, Rudy and Shruti Giuliani as they unpack a week that saw leaks of a Supreme Court decision on Roe vs Wade, the landmark abortion legislation from the 1970s. And we have a word with JD Vance, the winner of last night's Ohio senate primary.

Then we go over the rainbow to check in with Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio about the latest issues with Disney. Andrew Yang stops over to ask about retail politics. 

Also Tucker Carlson talks a few minutes with author David Mamet.

We also hear from Ben Shapiro abiout his new educational initiatives.

And Rudy sneaks a few minutes with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Loeren Boebert to sing "Insider."

And we hear from Herschel Walker from the road as he works on fundraising.

Here is the link to the YouTube show:

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