Nasdaq Pain Continues

The Nasdaq fell 5%, continuing a rough year for investors. (0:20) Andy Cross discusses:
- The short-term pain being felt by all investors, including us
- Shopify's 1st-quarter results looking similar to Amazon's
- Deliverr, the logistics company Shopify just bought for $2.1 billion
- EPAM Systems, the IT services provider that surprised investors with a strong 1st quarter

(17:00) Jim Gillies talks with Ricky Mulvey about MTY Food Group, a Canadian food franchisor small cap with potential.

Stocks discussed: SHOP, AMZN, EPAM, MTY, MTYFF, WEN

Host: Chris Hill
Guests: Andy Cross, Jim Gillies
Producer: Ricky Mulvey
Engineers: Dan Boyd, Rick Engdahl

2356 232

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