The Winkler Method: A Henry Winkler Acting Class (Vulture Festival Version)

Last year, Henry Winkler put on a virtual acting class for us that blew our minds. Lucky for us, the time for virtual learning is over, and Professor Winkler is here to teach us all a thing or two *in person*. Winkler’s approach to the craft has earned him a career that’s spanned almost 50 years as an actor, producer, and director. From his role as The Fonz in Happy Days, where he set a new standard for “cool,” to his heartbreaking turn as beloved acting teacher Gene Cousineau in HBO’s Barry, Winkler’s range is unparalleled. Now, he’s looking forward to helping you find your muse, as he answers questions from students and lovers of the craft. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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