Accident Ends in Murder / The Überlingen Mid-air Collision

A Boeing 757 and a Tupolev Tu-154M collide over southern Germany. Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 and DHL Flight 611 are both flying over southern Germany at night. Both crews start getting warnings about a possible collision from their in flight instruments. An Air Traffic Controller also notices that both planes might collide and gives instructions to one of the crews. Both crews take evasive manueuvers but they end up colliding and crashing to the ground. What series of events led to this collision? Find out on this episode of Black Box Down.  Sponsored by ExpressVPN ( SoloStove ( and use code BLACKBOXDOWN) and The Jordan Harbinger Show ( Find us on social media and buy our merch here! Go to to support us directly Black Box Down Crash Simulator: Tales From The Stinky Dragon:

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