A Chat With Mike Margolis of Horology Works

Mike and Cameron talk to Mike Margolis of Horology Works this week. Mike talks about collecting watches and how his affinity and passion began. They also discuss his days working with Jean Claude Biver. Now, Mike has moved onto Horology Works and the guys spend a fair amount of time on the distribution of watches and where Mike's company comes into the equation. To see more watches visit: www.crownandcaliber.com To learn more about Weiss Watch Company visit: www.weisswatchcompany.com Follow Mike on Instagram - @roadstoriesmike Follow Cameron on Instagram - @weisswatchcompany Follow Crown a Caliber on Instagram - @crownandcaliber Follow Mike Margolis on Instagram - @thewatchenabler Visit Crown a Caliber's YouTube Channel - @Crown a Caliber ?

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