37. Murder of Noor Mukadam - Pakistan

This is a story from Pakistan, a story of a woman just like a lot of us. She was in love and living a happy life. She had a loving sister, doting parents and a relationship of 3 years. But by early 2021, something had shifted in Noor’s life. Something was wrong and the people around, the people close to her could sense it. What the people around Noor didn’t know was that she was about to become a symbol of feminism and the rights of women in a patriarchal society. Noor would go down in history. This is her story. | Intro by ghostfml   Follow us on Instagram : @desicrime https://www.instagram.com/desicrime/ Follow us on Twitter : @desicrime https://twitter.com/DesiCrime?s=20 PLEASE become a Patron: www.patreon.com/desicrime

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