Ep. 9 Coop Design

Thank you to our sponsor, Brinsea the Incubation Specialists, for making this episode possible! In this episode, Zach and Charlotte discuss the rules of coop design and what your chickens need from their home to be both happy and healthy.  Links from this episode: Community Chickens Guide to Backyard Coops I’m Stuck in a Coop and I Can’t Get Out - May Woodworth 6 Things Every Chicken Coop Needs - Jennifer Sartell The Makings of a Great Coop! 7 Things to Get You Started! - Jennifer Sartell For the Love of Linoleum - Jennifer Sartell Tight Budget? 5 Ways to Finance Your First Coop - Dakota Findley Planning Coop Space for the Expanding Flock - Heather Nicholson Ten Tips for Coop Building - Donna Belcher McGlasson Free Coop Plans    Thanks for listening! Don't forget to subscribe and to share this episode with your friends! Until next time... May the flock be with you! The Community Chickens podcast is a production of Ogden Publications.

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