World Renowned Ayurvedic Doctor Reveals the Simplest Hacks to Stay Healthy, Reverse Diseases and Live Longer: TIT99

Dr Suhas Kshirsagar is a world-renowned Ayurvedic doctor who not only talks about ayurvedic principles but merges that with the research offered by modern science.   He is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker and an acclaimed Educator in the field of Ayurveda a Integrative Medicine. He has travelled extensively around the globe popularizing Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation a Natural Medicine.   Dr Suhas has successfully treated thousands of patients with his unique approach. He is an Adviser to the Chopra Center and is the Director of Ayurvedic Healing Inc. in Santa Cruz CA.   I have to confess that this episode is going to be your healthy life manual which you'd wanna refer again and again. We discuss the concepts of the Clock gene, Circadian rhythm, the importance of schedule, fasting and a lot of things that you can implement in your life starting today. Enjoy the conversation.   Want to start your own podcast? Join me on my FREE 90 Minutes Podcast to Profit Masterclass to learn how you can build your influence, authority and business using a podcast. Read More.    Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Read full show notes and resources:    

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