What does Tarkov 1.0 look like? | One Task at a Time - Starting Over | Exfil Episode 71 (An Escape From Tarkov Podcast)

Exfil is an Escape From Tarkov Podcast On this episode MTBtrigger and Ronal answer the question posed at the end of episode 71: "What do we want to see in the game for Beta to be officially over?"  The hosts get into a great conversation about the Flea Market, Bots, Achievements, Open World Concepts, and Persistent vs Non-Persistent PMC's.  To wrap the episode up, MTB talks about an exciting new project where he is documenting each task in Tarkov, one at a time… so we named it… One Task at a Time.  Look for a guide series in the future to show off many different strategies for completing each task. Be sure to check in at twitch.tv/mtbtrigger and catch it live. All this and more in the episode!   Catch up with MTBTrigger or Ronal at the EXFIL discord:  https://discord.gg/deU7RSs   Patreon is now live and active for those that are looking to directly support the podcast - https://www.patreon.com/XPMedianow (Thanks to those of you that nudged us to create this)   Podcast Direct Contact a Socials: Twitter - @EXFILpodcast Email - xpmedia2020@gmail.com Youtube - XPMedianow Website - www.xpmedianow.com   MTBtrigger Contact: Twitter - @mtbtrigger Twitch - twitch.tv/mtbtrigger   Ronalgaming Contact: Twitter - @ronalgaming Discord - Ronal#8004

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