280: Fighting Autoimmune Disease & Depression Holistically with SoulCBD Founder Mike Lee

Back in 2013 Mike Lee was an Undefeated Boxer. He had the contracts, endorsements, wins, popularity...he had it all. Until his body started shutting down. 

Mike started experiencing migraines, inflammation, injury's, and really dark depression. He found himself prescribed to 8 different medications and felt down and out. He knew he had to change something.

Mike went on a search for holistic healing and found CBD (among many other treatments) and he knew he had something. Now, the founder of Soul CBD, a very well known CBD company, Mike is helping others who are struggling by offering them the very best products available.

In order to try SoulCBD for yourself head on over to www.mysoulcbd.com/nataliejill 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why prescription medication isn't always the answer
  • Some holistic treatments you can use to battle depression
  • How you can overcome auto-immune diseases naturally

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