An Explosion of games for the Switch

Don’t forget to subscribe to the show in your favorite podcasting app!     Patron This episode of SwitchCraft is brought to you by Patrons like Kimbelina66!  Support SwitchCraft and my other content for as little as a dollar and get exclusive rewards, at Feedback OuthumanCorps - reviewed the show.   Great podcast, no BS, no extra fat, just direct and articulate news about Nintendo Switch; great host. Voicemail News Nindies Sizzle Reel! Click -------g for the Full video Switch Exclusive Golf Story - September Dragon Marked for Death - Winter 2017 Online or Local 4 player side scroller Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Cell shaded Crazy art style Switch Console Exclusives Poly Bridge - Holiday 2017 Kentucky Route Zero Early 2018 Love the Art style Comes with the final episode as well Yono and the Celestial Elephants - October 12 Switch exclusive Isometric Elephant adventure game Morphies Law (Winter 2017) 4v 4 3rd person shooter Steal mass from other players, change your body More mass you steal the bigger your avatar grows As you get bigger you get easier to hit Can travel to different places based on size Timed Exclusives Super Meat Boy Forever - 2018 Floor Kids - Breakdancing rhythm game? - Holiday 2017 Awesome Art Direction (hand drawn) Traditional controls or touch screen controls Wulver Blade - Side scrolling brawler Streets of Rage - September Earth Atlantis - Fall 2017 Looks like pencil + paper underwater side scrolling shooter Battle Chef Brigade - Holiday 2017 Combo based action game Match 3 puzzler Sausage Sports Club 8 player craziness Light Fingers - Early 2018 Board game where you build the board Everything else Shovel Knight: King of Cards - Early 2018 Card Battles!? Mom Hid My Game! (What?) - Late 2017 Next Up Hero - Community driven online action game where everyone dies From Scribblenauts director Wh --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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