New ARMS, Bundles, Numbers and a new Splatfest!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the show in your favorite podcasting app!     Patron This episode of SwitchCraft is brought to you by Patrons like Kaylee Castroverde,  Support SwitchCraft and my other content for as little as a dollar and get exclusive rewards, at Feedback Bill6i11 - reviewed the show.  I love this podcast more than any of the other Nintendo podcasts i listen to.  He always has the most accurate and relevant news concerning Nintendo and is refreshingly unbiased!  I like that he doesn’t brown nose and gives fair criticism when needed.  Also he repurposed guitar hooks into controller mounts!  How cool is that? Voicemail News More Japan Switch sales numbers NPD Numbers Doesn’t include digital sales Splatoon 2 bundle coming as a Walmart Exclusive Pink / Green joy-cons, game is a download code. 379.99 Next splatfest is the first weekend in September Flight vs. Invisibility Minecraft system transfer shown during twitch stream Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon details Pokemon Gold / Silver shiny versions in stores ARMS getting another shield arm. Counter attack? Gameplay Sonic Mania controller tip Lightning Round Overcooked patch is still cookin’.  I know, I couldn’t help it. Smash pros vs Mr. Yabuki Game informer has the design documents for Pokemon That is all we have time for today, if the re is a story that I missed let me know! #askSwitchCraft subject line SwitchCraft 260-RunJump (786-5867) Stop by the live stream some time! Support the show! Docksocks on --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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