Declassifying Ancient Greece with Jack Visnjic

The Walled Garden is a podcast and community of independent philosophers and seekers who are dedicated to the pursuit of truth, wisdom, virtue, and the divine. Led by Australian poet, philosopher, and musician Simon Drew, American philosopher, author, and speaker Sharon Lebell, and British philosopher and researcher Kai Whiting, The Walled Garden hosts regular live events and meetups with fascinating philosophers, theologians, artists, leaders, and seekers who can teach us all about how to live a flourishing existence. UPCOMING EVENTS: Visit The Walled Garden: Join our free Discord Chat: Get one-on-one mentoring with our philosophers: Register for Upcoming Events: Shop at The Walled Garden: About Our Guest: Jack Visnjic is a classicist and historian of philosophy interested in uncovering long-term patterns in history. He has a B.A. in classics and mathematics from Columbia University and a PhD in ancient philosophy from Princeton. His book, The Invention of Duty, explores the origins of the notion of ‘moral duty’ in Greco-Roman antiquity and claims that the Stoics were the originators of the term. In his podcast, Ancient Greece Declassified, he brings modern scholarship on the ancient Mediterranean to a popular audience. About Simon Drew: Simon is a poem-writing, multi-instrument-playing, mountain-climbing philosopher. Known by Sharon as an “intrepid soul traveller,” he uses his art to explore deep questions about the nature of the divine and the path to personal Alignment. Simon is most widely known for his work on The Practical Stoic Podcast (now The Walled Garden). Simon’s book, The Poet & The Sage, was released in 2021. About Kai Whiting: Kai is one of the world’s foremost experts on traditional Stoicism, as well as being a lecturer and researcher in the field of sustainability. In his book, “Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In,” Kai and his co-author Leo Konstantakos encourage their readers to expand their circles of concern and to work for the common flourishing of humanity. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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