Thriving after a brain tumor, stroke, and 16 surgeries

My guest today is my friend Kay Stacy, who has a unique story of having a stroke while on the operating table at age 25 and is thriving 27 years later. She has some lingering issues she deals with but I wanted to you to meet her because she’s just the epitome of resilience. We talk about how she managed recovering from a stroke while raising a family and even working for a while, the impact of friendships and what we can learn while supporting our friends in medical emergencies, and how that all impacted her faith. 

We discuss:

  • How she went from a healthy 25-year old to having a stroke on the operating table and coming out a vegetable
  • The lingering physical effects she’s experienced after 25 years
  • The impact of friendships and they helped support Kay and how you can support your friends in challenges
  • How her stroke, recovery, and 16 surgeries impacted her faith

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