Introducing the true crime podcast Badlands— a show that dives deep into the real stories of the famous at their most infamous.

Each season, host Jake Brennan, explores the real life crimes and scandalous careers of the world’s most popular cultural figures. In an all new season, he tells the stories of A-listers whose misdeeds and career lows are as unbelievable as some of their films’ plot twists—like the story of Sharon Tate, who was caught up in a strange scene long before members of the Manson family came along. Or the story of how Judy Garland’s lifelong addiction to pills sent her over the rainbow much too soon. And the story about how Winona Ryder was connected to a child kidnapping case in her hometown. These and many more.

For all that and more, listen to Badlands. Get new episodes every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts, or binge all of season four right now only on Amazon Music.

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