The Undoing S.30 Ep.25

Ahoy! Dateline is off to Portland, OR for a case about a loveable full time mother an wonderful part time pirate, Annie, who was sadly the victim of a mysterious and cruel murder. One-Hankied Josh Mankiewicz is on the scene to interview roommates and suspects in a house full of people who had a connection to the vivacious Annie. Kimberrrrly and her best matey Katie and ready to dig into the bowels of this case full of Dateline gold. There are mysterious illnesses, infidelities, determined detectives, The Gap, love geometry...oh and did we mention pirates? So batten down the hatches, grab yer grog and settle for a very special episode of - A DATE WITH DATELINE: Paylest 'ye be Tryin' to Get Away with Murrrderrr! Official Description from NBCU: After a woman is stabbed to death in her home, investigators uncover personal details that point to multiple suspects and possible motives. Josh Mankiewicz reports. This episode is dedicated to our wonderful pirates— errr— Patreons, Christen S. and Greg M.! Thanks to our generous Patroni like you, our podcast hasn't had to walk the plank! Support ADWD and get some sweet deals by checking out our sponsors! Rock the #EntireBombasOutfitChallenge! Go to and get 20% off your first purchase! Every purchase helps out someone in need! Mental health issues are just as important as other medical issues! One treatment can be therapy with Better Help. Get 10% off your first month at Stress can give you hair loss! Combat it with custom supplements from Prose! Go to for 15% off! Get to know what's going on in your body! Get 20% off an at home Everlywell lab test at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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