Live Your Purpose and Leave a Legacy You Are Proud Of with Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Motivational Speaker, ex-rapper, thought surgeon, author and success engineer Dr. Billy Alsbrooks joins us on the first ever episode of The Life Lessons Show by Motiversity. In this one, we discuss living your purpose and how Billy had been living a lie as a rapper for years, following your passion and not the crowd, leaving an amazing legacy you are proud of, and much more!  About Life Lessons by Motiversity A new show from the popular YouTube channel Motiversity, where we talk to inspiring individuals from all walks of life who have one thing in common, they are all living out their life’s purpose. Our goal is to motivate and inspire you to conquer whatever is holding you back from attaining your dreams by showing you how our accomplished guests overcome life’s hurdles and get it done daily. Are you ready to be inspired? Hosted by Torrie Jones. If you enjoyed this episode, be the first to leave us a review!

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