SwS : Neha Rana | Phd Student | University Of Bergen | @science.fanatics

In this episode of ‘Science With Shweta’ podcast I speak with Neha Rana @science.fanatics (Instagram)  Neha is second year PhD candidate at the University of Bergen, Norway. Her area of research is Tissue Engineering. Listen to this episode as Neha shares her journey. She talks how she started as business administrator in a company after graduation and discovered her passion for research. Neha shares how she found her way through internships, volunteering and working as research fellow to now a doctoral student.  She talks more about her own research, how she ended up doing her PhD in Norway and gives some guidance to students interested in pursuing their education in Norway. Listen to Neha’s inspiring journey and the challenges she faced. She shares how important it is to be determined to achieve your goals, how she was firm that she wanted to get into research and how she finally found her way through it.  Get Lifetime Access For Discounted Price - MEDizzy https://bit.ly/2rPmtIf  ---------- Instagram - instagram.com/sciencewithshweta  Twitter- twitter.com/sciencewshweta  I also have a Youtube Channel (Shweta Mahajan)  https://www.youtube.com/shwetamahajansws

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