SwS : Guneet Kaur Bindra | Medical Science - PhD | Biochemistry | Science Communicator

In this episode of "Science With Shweta" podcast, I speak with Guneet Kaur Bindra, and you may know her as @thesmallscientist on Instagram.  Guneet has completed her Bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences, and honors research year in Medical science. She is currently in second year of PhD at La Trobe University, Australia. Her project focuses on using immune proteins to target various pathogens as well as cancer. Guneet shares her science journey so far, and how she discovered her passion for research. She talks how and why she started science communication. Listen to this episode to know more about this 'Small Scientist' and her amazing sciencejourney. You can reach out to her for assistance @thesmallscientist Also, you can Contribute us on Patreon-www.patreon.com/sciencewithshweta  Follow on Instagram-www.instagram.com/sciencewithshweta Follow on Twitter-twitter.com/sciencewshweta . Thank you for listening to Science with Shweta podcast.

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