SwS : Connie | Physiologist | Science Communicator

In this episode of "Science With Shweta" podcast, I speak with Connie, and you may know her as @life_of_learning on Instagram. Connie is currently in the last year of her PhD studying obesity and diabetes, and is putting final touches on her thesis. She is an instructor and teaches Physiology. Connie talks about what drove her to study obesity, and how did she find her way in the field of research. She talks about her experience so far, and shares tips for thesis writing. Connie talks about how she keeps herself motivated and how she got into science communication. Listen to this episode to know more about Connie’s science journey. You can reach out to her for tips and guidance @life_of_learning Also, you can Contribute us on Patreon-www.patreon.com/sciencewithshweta Follow on Instagram-www.instagram.com/sciencewithshweta Follow on Twitter-twitter.com/sciencewshweta  Thanks

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