10: Puliogare - The Story of Tamarind Rice is About Alchemy and Emotion!

This is a story about Puliogare. Tamarind rice. And alchemy. And a culinary war that continues till today. Kannadigas call it PuLiogare. The Telugus call it PuLihOrA. In Tamil land, it's called PuLiodharai. And the Maharashtrians have historically called it Ambil Bhath! This version of mixed rice has been around since at least before the 3rd century BC. And we're pretty sure it's from the kitchens of south India. Steamed white rice, tamarind paste, fenugreek, dried chillies, salt, sesame oil and the genius idea that brought it all together. The ingredients of this recipe have always been readily available, and always been cheap. There no onions! And that's why the tamarind rice is the most common prasad across temples in South India. It's easy to make. It doesn't spoil for at least two days!Listen to this episode to know everything about the unbelievably tasty dish!

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