17: Mental Health: How Anti-CAA Protests Have Affected Our Mental Health – And What Can You Do?

On Vishnu Ki Secret Life, we usually talk about fun, light topics with a little bit of knowledge you can take for your own daily life. Today we're talking about something a little serious - Mental health. Specifically how people's mental health has been affected by the CAA protests and anti-NRC protests, going on in India right now. The CAA protests have had a visible impact across the country, with people mobilising in large numbers to protest peacefully. Protests have turned violent in many parts of the country, with police firing, using tear gas and lathi charges against protesters. But while the political and social unrest continues, people’s mental health has taken a turn for the worse. We spoke to people who have regularly attended the CAA protests, people who’ve been following the protests closely, as well as psychologists and therapists volunteering support for people in distress during the protests. So today we explain how and why your mental health suffers at times like this, and how you can take care of yourself. Guests: Srividya Rajaram, Psychologist Siddhant Sachdeva, 20, Student, IPU Shalini Pratap Singh, 19, Student, Delhi University Zijah Sherwani, 26, Journalist, The Quint Ataliq Khan, 23, Journalist, The Quint Garvita Khybri, 29, Journalist, The Quint Host and Producer: Vishnu Gopinath Editor: Shelly WaliaAdditional Reading:Mental Health in the Times of Protest'Society is suffering': Hong Kong protests spark mental health crisisThe Lancet Comes Under Fire Over Report on Health of Kashmiris

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