#168 Is Antitrust Really Apolitical? Autocracy, Populism, and Antitrust

Tumultuous political change, including the rise of populism, has been one of the key trends of the past decade. How do the shifting political winds affect antitrust, the largely technocratic domain some consider to be apolitical? University of Warsaw Professor Maciej Bernatt joins Christina Ma and Sergei Zaslavsky to discuss the interrelationship between rising autocracy and populism in Central Europe (and other parts of the world) and competition policy and enforcement. Listen to this episode to learn how political change in Poland and Hungary has affected the antitrust world, and what lessons antitrust enforcers and practitioners can draw from this experience.

With special guest:

Maciej Bernatt, University of Warsaw

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Maciej Bernatt's book, Antitrust and Populism (enter the code BERNATT22 at checkout for a 20% discount) 

Hosted by:

Sergei Zaslavsky and Christina Ma

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