4.17 Amitava Kumar: Decoding The Lives Of Writers

Find out how he dives into the lives and minds of writers through his hyper-real books.

Tara and Michelle chat with Amitava about his latest books ‘A Blue Book’ and ‘A Time Outside This Time’. Amitava shares how one book became the material for another. Michelle loves that his characters are mostly writers (and migrants).  How did writing help him survive the pandemic? How much of his writing is based on real life experiences? What does he think about writing residencies? Tune in to find out!

Amitava Kumar is the author of several books of non-fiction and three novels. His work has appeared in Granta, the New York Times, Harper's, and several other publications. He has been awarded a Guggenheim fellowship and residencies from Yaddo, MacDowell and the Lannan Foundation. His novel Immigrant, Montana was on the Best of the Year lists at the New Yorker, the New York Times, and Barack Obama's list of favorite books of 2018. He is professor of English at Vassar College in upstate New York.

'Books and Beyond with Bound' is the podcast where Tara Khandelwal and Michelle D'costa of Bound talk to some of the best writers in India and find out what makes them tick. Follow us @boundindia on all social media. 

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