What to do when you're sleepwalking through life and faith with Yvette Walker

Have you ever felt like you were sleepwalking through your faith? Or maybe it had become numb, or possibly rote? My guest today, author and podcast host Yvette Walker is here to discuss a season in her life when she was doing just that. She shares her experience of that season as well as what awakened her faith.

We discuss:

  • What Positively Joy means to her, even while acknowledging it’s grammatically incorrect!
  • Defining God’s joy
  • Her experience of sleepwalking through life and feeling numbing in her faith
  • How we can “Whisper in His Ear” 
  • Her experience as a journalist and demonstrating her faith publicly while still being objective
  • The five steps of media literacy
  • The encouragement she would give to women who may be sleepwalking in their own faith

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