How do you measure podcast success? And do you need to know about bitrates or loudness? Part Two of Two

It's part two of our dive into the Podcaster Cares Survey data. This time around, we're talking NFTs, measuring success, social media, loudness, and bitrates.

We also take a look at some interesting differences between podcasters of five years or more, and folks who've been doing it less than five years.

Podcasters of 5 years or more have stronger opinions on Apple Podcasts and RSS Feeds

  • 67.5% of the 5 years or more group agreed that a podcast isn’t really a podcast if it doesn’t have an RSS feed.
  • Of the folks in podcasting for fewer than five years, 39.8% agreed, whilst 38.9% didn’t care. 
  • 25.3% in the 5 years or more group didn’t care about RSS feeds.
  • 44.6% of the 5 years or more group believe that Apple could and should be doing more to help podcasters. This is compared to 34.9% of the newer podcasters group.
  • 53% of the newer podcasters have no real opinion on Apple either way, compared to 34.9% of the 5 years or more group. 

Newer podcasters pay less attention to podcast loudness & bitrates

  • 60.2% of podcasters of 5 years or more have a set and consistent loudness level for their show.
  • This is compared to 31.4% of folks podcasting for 0-5 years. 
  • 29.7% of newer podcasters don’t worry about loudness levels.
  • This is compared to only 15.7% of the 5 years or more group. 
  • 42.9% of newer podcasters have no idea what bitrates are. Only 15.7% of the 5 years or more group thought the same. 

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