STORY - Larken and the Troll

Larken and the Troll is an original fairytale for all-ages. “And so, there was Larken, covered in mud, shivering at the back door, socks wet, rain boots lost in a mud puddle and his raincoat who knows where… All his mother could think of to say was, “Larken, you look like a wet rat!” And Larken explained to her, well, he tried at least, over the top of his mug of peppermint tea she’d made for him as he sat by the fire warming up, that it was all on account of a troll. “A TROLL?” Said his mother… Let April Eight’s “magical voice” tell your family a tale both ancient and new.  “We absolutely love April Eight Stories!” - Lynnsey P.  Come find all the goodness at

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