Episode 69: Yo Ho Ho Ho: A BSOW Holiday Special

Avast there, ye festive dogs! We are proud to ring in the holiday season with a brand new holiday episode! We've pulled out all the stops on this one. Alex Stewart, Freddy Martin, Mike Mulligan, and Harrison Ownbey find themselves in hot water when their secret Santa gifts are looted by salty old pirates while riding Pirates of the Caribbean. Now, the entirety of the Caribbean stands between them and their gifts. Will they find the pirates who did it? Will they get their gifts back? Will there be churros involved?? Tune in to find out!! Happy Holidays, everyone!!

Written By: Alex Stewart

Directed By: Alex Stewart

Vocal Editing By: Daniel Martin

Sound Design & Mixing By: Alex Stewart

Vocal Cast:

Alex Stewart

Annie Ruygt

Ashley Stewart

Freddy Martin

Harrison Ownbey

Jack Stewart

Mike Mulligan

Wyatt Stewart

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