76. EVOX Series Wk 18 - Emotional Patterns of Lethargy & the Subconscious Roots

In this EVOX I wanted to explore the subconscious roots of emotional patterns of lethargy. I share how this lethargy tends to show up in relation to work and the subconscious beliefs related to this. I ask the question, how is my subconscious using this lethargy to protect me? Or, what is this lethargy protecting me from? Interview Links Podcast Ep. 75 - https://www.theaccrescent.com/podcast-ep-75-parasites-cleansing-kristy-dawn/ (Parasite Interview) Podcast Ep. 53 - https://www.theaccrescent.com/podcast-ep-53-lethargy-as-manifestation-of-fear-5-things-to-turn-my-day-around/ (Lethargy as a Manifestation of Fear & 5 Things I Do to Turn My Day Around) Podcast Ep. 41 - https://www.theaccrescent.com/podcast-ep-41-human-design-w-kathy-beardmore/ (Human Design Interview) Article: https://www.theaccrescent.com/zyto-evox/ (What is EVOX?) Schedule: https://www.theaccrescent.com/book/ (Book an In-Person or Remote EVOX) Connect w/Me & Learn More https://www.theaccrescent.com/ (Website) https://www.instagram.com/theaccrescent/ (Instagram) https://www.tiktok.com/@theaccrescent?lang=en (Tiktok) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwJVL6z48xPThN-C0fLuiHA (Youtube)

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