259: Homecoming Recap: The Good, The Bad, & The Glitchy plus our interview with Peter Shankman

John Mills joins us to recap Homecoming. Aditi Shah went to the White House for AAPI month. Builtin.com spotlights Emma Lovewell. Becs Gentry was in London doing something secret at the studio. Kendall Toole was at Kendra Scott's Aloha event. Ally Love is one of Modern Luxury's Top 100 Social Media Creators. Slash Film mentions Netflix's upcoming show with Ally Love. Peloton is looking for a loan and people want in. People are having trouble getting "Lil Guy Front & Back" to light up for upper body. Peloton now has badges for private companies. Peloton memberships are a perk for House Staffers...for the moment. CFO Jill Woodworth sells some of her Peloton stock. Hyatt is testing private gyms with Pelotons. Peloton is partnering with The Steve Fund and IPSO. Peloton and iFit end their lawsuit. CEO of Xponential Fitness still thinks Peloton is a fad. Ben & Leanne partner up with Olympic Gold Medalists Laura & Jason Kenny for Ride To Gold. The latest artist series spotlights Dear Evan Hansen. Birthdays - Christian Vande Velde (5/22) All this plus our interview with Peter Shankman! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The Clip Out community today: theclipout.com The Clip Out Facebook The Clip Out Twitter The Clip Out Instagram

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