Rhonda (Jonathan Lipnicki's mom)

A love of acting and the arts runs deeply in Rhonda's family. She was born on Sunset Blvd. and raised in the San Fernando Valley; her fondest memories were going to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre with her grandmother to see movies. Little did she know her children would grow to love acting as she did! Jonathan Lipnicki was 4 1/2 when he landed his first role as Ray Boyd in the movie Jerry Maguire, holding his own alongside Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger. He went on to star in the Stuart Little movies, The Little Vampire, and Little Mike. The balance Jonathan maintained as he transitioned to television (Dawson’s Creek), and to films as a young adult, can be attributed to Rhonda always checking in to see if acting was still a passion. In Rhonda’s words, “Jonathan is a gifted actor, but more importantly, he is a kind soul.” Jonathan has two movies coming out soon: “Pooling to Paradise” and “Broil.”

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